Bettie Allard was born on June 4th, 1915 and baptized as Effie Cameron Dallamore. Her parents were Euphemia Cameron (Ne. Ritchie, Scotland) and John Hugh Dallamore (Ne. South Africa, English) and she was the sister to John Walter, William Ritchie and Lucie Mary (Lou). Bettie was born and raised in Edmonton where her family emphasized the importance of community, church and school. She spent much of her early life playing on sports teams, with a great love for adventure and the outdoors, which continued throughout her life. Bettie’s brother John Walter Dallamore was shot down as a squadron leader in the Second World War in 1940 over Eritrea which was a great loss for her and her family and was felt for years.

On January 28th, 1942 Bettie married Charles Alexander Allard, a medical student who she had been dating for many years. Over the next four years they became the proud parents of four children, John Cameron, Judith Frances and twins Charles Richard and Peter Andrew. In 1950 after moves to Boston, Montreal and back to Edmonton Bettie and Charles decided to separate. Bettie left Edmonton by train with her 4 children to stay with her brother and sister-in-law in Vancouver. Eventually Bettie found a house on Highbury Street, where she faced many struggles like any single mother raising her young children. Throughout these hard years, Bettie continually strived to teach them right from wrong with a soft spot in her heart for family trips and holidays.

As Bettie’s children grew older she decided to further her education at the University of British Columbia. Graduating in Education with a major in Librarianship, she went on to teach for many years. Bettie greatly enjoyed her later years and was happiest doing what she loved most; cooking, traveling, volunteering and spending time with her family, friends and grandchildren.

When Bettie’s aging body could no longer keep up with her youthful mind she had the luxury of being able to spend her last years at her house on Highbury Street with the help of her family, friends and caregivers. She passed away in July of 2004 in her sunroom surrounded by her family. Bettie is remembered and greatly missed by her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.