Special Projects


The Highbury Foundation has in the past assisted the following charities:


  • Hospitals for items needed, research and training
  • Societies for the rescue and care of neglected/abused animals
  • Societies for the preservation of a species of animals
  • Teaching facilities such as public/private schools, university projects and scholarships
  • Societies for the care of abused children and sick children
  • Societies for the arts/sciences and sports
  • Societies associated with environmental issues
  • Societies associated with senior facilities and/or senior services

Our preference is to fund one time projects.

To send a proposal to the Foundation, we request that you include the following:

  1. A wish list from the organization for items that are urgently needed and cannot be obtained through regular funding
  2. Current financial statements of the organization
  3. Current information package about the organization
  4. A description of how the funding will effectively be used to make a difference